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22-09-2019 image


I have been really inspired by people who made their own time-tracking tools for a while. The first system which inspired my was Devine Lu Linvega's xxiivv project. This monday I stumbled upon Blinry's habitctl project.

Blinry's project is written in Rust and seeing how straigtforward it can be I decided to make my own little CLI time-tracker: Chasmic.

I ended up creating a simple system which makes it possible for me to keep a list of the ideas which are currently on top of my head and a log system which makes it possible for me to log thoughts I have about certain ideas.

This system works decently well. I even made an ambient visualisation of the amount of log statements per topic over time (the lines in the bottom of the photo above).

Whereas I like the tool as the product of an exploration, I don't think I will use it to actually keep track of my ideas. Mostly because I don't have a vision for how I want to work with the ideas that I document.

Just when I finished my tool I got into a conversation with Ryan who suggested that I look at org-mode (commonly used as part of Emacs) for inspiration. This turned out to be a wonderful suggestion.