03-03-2021 image

creating is relating

Spring. Never has this season felt so calling, so pulsing. As if the spring flowers are emerging from the ground for the very first time. They rise in contrast to the forsaken darkness which came before.

The spring dazzle allude unto a truth ever bathing in the periphery — for me creating is relating. Creating is the finger feeling the pulse, the rhythm which breathes meaning and montentum into the spaces I inhabit.

Without company nor fresh air the winter dampened all senses. It ushered many parts of me into hiding so thoroughly as to invite forgetting. The slowdown of movement and stimulus renders once visible landscapes unrecognisable to the practitioner’s gaze.

When I don’t create my relationship with the worlds within which I am enmeshed falter. The manifesting of things forces reckonings — with ideas, communities, parts of one self.

Creation entails destruction. The co-occurence of destruction and creation crafts a lens for sensing the world. The kind of sensing enabled by creation casts new reliefs, generating profound relationship with the entities present at the site of creation.

Now the juicyness invites starting anew. Transition sweet, spring provides kindly paths