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Jona Skjøtt practices design at Takram↗ and maintains a personal research practice at {resevoir}.

How would you introduce yourself?

Hi! I am Jona, and I tend to feel at home somewhere in-between research, art, and design. I like exploring conviviality, transition, time, and community through my practice within visual and computational media, tool-making, and life-living in general.

Which of your projects would you like to share?

In spring 2020 I prototyped a design medium and environment for paper weaving called {visiweave} exploring what it means for computing to be part of a communal, cultural, and spatial fabric. In the fall and winter of 2021, I partook in research exploring what sustainable transition means for different people around the world and created a website sharing what we found↗.

Which places and communities have brought you to where you are today?

Working with peers on research related to sustainable transitions at Takram. Being part of a community of people who love programming at The Recurse Center↗. Studying History and Computer Science at Minerva Schools at KGI as part of a close-knit community. Working on projects with friends. Going for long distance walks.