notes from a design project


All mathematics exhibits in its conclusions only what is already implicit in its premises… Hence all mathematical derivation can be viewed simply as chase in representation, making evident what was previously true but obscure. Herbert Simon - The Sciences of the Artificial

This view can be extended to all of problem solving-solving a problem simply means repenting it so as to make the solution transparent. If the problem solving could actually be organised in these terms, the issue of representation would indeed become central. But even if it cannot-if this is too exaggerated a view-a deeper understanding of how representations are created and how they contribute to the solution of problems will become an essential component of the future theory of design. Herbert Simon - The Sciences of the Artificial

Manipulating words seemed like the obvious place to start because it was a way to manipulate your ideas. Doug Engelbart - quoted in The Dream Machine

The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play. That's why we have to destroy the present politico-economic system. Arthur C. Clarke

Optimizing toward the need for less revenue has yielded better results than optimizing toward the generation of more. Devine Lu Linvega

The goal is to build a catalog of exciting things to wake up to the next day and to experiment with. Devine Lu Linvega

When you make your own tools, you tend to mold them to fit your hands. So they may fit others' poorly. Other people who tried "part of speech" told me that the experience felt dehumanizing, that the conversation partner's responses felt irrelevant and jarring. I feel that too. Katherine Ye - on Twitter

To make something well is to give yourself to it, to seek wholeness, to follow spirit. To learn to make something well can take your whole life. It’s worth it.  Ursula Le Guin, Steering the Craft

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