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08-02-2021 image

selfcare checklist

Pandemic days are long and the most important things take place in the everyday. I have come to enjoy them as they help to stabilise me by routine one day at the time.

  • have you brushed you teeth this morning?
  • have you showered today?
  • have you put on clean clothes today?
  • have you done your makeup today?
  • have you read your book today?
  • did you go outside today?
  • did you talk to or message a friend today?
  • did you sit down for dinner today?
  • did you care for the house today?
  • did you care for your skin today?
  • did you light candles today?
  • have you tidied up a bit today?
  • have you drank enough water today?
  • have you had some quiet time today?
  • have you created something today?
  • have you had time to slow down recently?
  • did you give love to someone close to you today?