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A collection of speculative creative/expressive tools and media

{visiweave} - A tool for creating paper weaving patterns.


A domain-specific language is used to generate grids and spreadsheet style commands are used to shape the cells in the grid. The core philosophy behind this project is that a good end-user programming experience is achieved through a tight coupling and co-presence of both code and data in the interface - the code is the interface is the code.

the tool work environment

{git for filmmakers} - A version control tool for filmmakers.


The lack of good quality version control has wrecked many a film-project. This project seeks to provide a simple and powerful interface for filmmakers to visualise how their project files changed of time, do collaborative editing, and better document their projects.

the git for filmmakers GUI

{midi plotter} - A realtime midi visualisation tool.


A drawing tool for visualising midi-feeds during performances. When you perform with the pen plotter it almost becomes a second performer as the rhytmns and sounds the plotter makes as it draws merges with the notes you play on your instrument.

a gif animation of the plotter drawing a visualisation